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14 Days September Umrah Package

  • Date: TBC
  • Flights: TBC
  • 4 Sharing- TBC
  • 3 Sharing-TBC
  • 2 Sharing-TBC

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10 Days September Umrah Package

  • Date: TBC
  • Flights: TBC
  • 4 Sharing- TBC
  • 3 Sharing-TBC
  • 2 Sharing-TBC

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4 Star Ramadan Umrah Package

  • Date: TBC Rtn TBC
  • Flights: Turkish Airlines
  • 4 Sharing- TBC pp
  • 3 Sharing-TBC pp
  • 2 Sharing- TBC  pp

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5 Star February Half Term Umrah Package 2021

  • Date: 15-02-2020 Rtn 29-02-2020
  • Airline: Turkish Airlines
  • 4 sharing- TBC pp
  • 3 sharing- TBC pp
  • 2 sharing- TBC pp

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4 star feburary umrah packages

4* February Half Term Umrah Package

  • Date: 15-02-2020 Rtn 29-02-2020
  • Airline: Turkish Airlines
  • 4 Sharing- £1025.00 pp
  • 3 Sharing- £1135.00 pp
  • 2 Sharing- £1250.00 pp

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5 Star Easter Half Term Umrah Package

  • Date: 04-04-2021 Return 18-04-2021
  • Flight: Turkish Airlines
  • 4 Sharing- TBC pp
  • 3 Sharing- TBC pp
  • 2 Sharing- TBC pp

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Easter Half Term Economy Umrah Package

  • Date: TBC Return TBC
  • Flight: Turkish Airlines
  • 4 Sharing- TBC pp
  • 3 Sharing- TBC pp
  • 2 Sharing- TBC pp

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5* December Umrah Package 2020

  • Date: TBC
  • Flights: TBC
  • 4 Sharing-TBC
  • 3 Sharing-TBC
  • 2 Sharing-TBC

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December Half Term Umrah Package 2020

  • Date: 21-12-2020 Rtn 02-01-2021
  • Flights: TBC
  • 4 Sharing- £1450.00
  • 3 Sharing- £1550.00
  • 2 Sharing- £1665.00

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It is true that the one who performs Umrah in Ramadan will be accompanied by Prophet (PBUH) and it is very virtuous, it has the same rewards as Hajj. But keep it in mind that it is not the substitute for Hajj because it is obligatory for everyone who can afford it. No matter you are looking for Ramadan Umrah Packages or other ones, you can easily find the Best Umrah Packages.

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Procedures for Performing Umrah

1. Ihram

Wearing Ihram is the first ritual of Umrah. All pilgrims assume the state of Ihram as soon as they reach to the ‘Meeqat’. Meeqat is one of the places where the pilgrims go to perform their pilgrimage acts and put on their Ihrams. For getting into this sacred state, the pilgrim has to wear the prescribed white fresh garment. Women in the state of Ihram should not cover their faces with the Hijab. But, it is compulsory for them to wear the Hijab. The man entering into this state should not wear stitched or knitted items. When the pilgrim wears it must avoid doing from using scents or scented liquids neither on the clothing nor on the body.

When we enter the state of Ihram, It is extremely strictly prohibited to do anything that we have been asked to avoid or not to do, even if it has no bad impact. All your concentration has to only be on the Allah Almighty and nothing else. After having the state of Ihram, the pilgrim pronounces their ‘Niyyah’ or the purpose of performing Umrah. Later recite of ‘Talbiyah’, which is a prayer that corresponds to the intention of the pilgrims to perform the Hajj & Umrah just for the glory of Allah Almighty.

2. Tawaf

It is the second ritual of Umrah. Tawaf involves circumambulation of divine Kabah, with seven rounds around the Kabah in an anti-clockwise direction as keeping the House of Almighty to one’s left. Men complete the primary three rounds at a rushed pace and the leftover rounds nearer to divine Kabah at a slower speed. All these rounds start from the corner of divine Kabah and it ends at a similar place.

Pray Two-Rakat prayer near the ‘Maqam-e-Ibrahim’ after the end of these seven rounds. If the person is not able to do so owing to the rushed area, they can say this prayer in another place in the Masjid Al-Haram. Our packages include accommodation in hotels with views of the blessed Mosque from the hotel room that makes your tendency towards performing Umrah even stronger.

3. Sa’i

Sa’i is started after the completion of Tawaf, Muslims re-perform a significant event that happened in the life of our prophet Ibrahim (AS). When the second wife of Prophet Ibrahim, Hajra, looked for water madly for their son Prophet Ismael (AS), the Allah sent an angel to instruct her to lift up the baby. While she lifted her child, she observed that a spring of water had taken place in the place where the child prophet had hit the Earth with his feet.

Now, this water spring is known as the ‘Well of Zamzam’. When Bibi Hajra searched for her child, she had run there seven times back and onward between the two mountains of Al-Marwah and Al-Safa in the boiling heat. The Sa’i ritual follows this event, as the pilgrims walk between Al-Marwa and Al-Safa Mountains near the blessed Kabah. The aged pilgrims would advantage significantly from our amazing packages with hotel rooms closer to the blessed Mosque, as pilgrims can save themselves from tiredness ensuing from the long travel.

4. Halq/Taqsir

This ritual involves cutting of hair by the pilgrim. ‘Taqsir’ is getting done on women and ‘Halq’ is for men. When we discuss male pilgrims, the hair has to be shaved off fully from the head as performing the Halq. And in the case of women, a least one inch of their hair is cut as performing the Taqsir.

In our packages, we include accommodation in some of the greatest hotels in Makah that have pleasingly-designed rooms and suites given with the most up-to-date facilities. The hotels we provided to you are located next to the blessed Mosque which makes it easier for pilgrims to do all the rites linked with this pilgrimage.

Best Seasons for UK Muslims to Perform Umrah

February Half Term

As the school going children in the United Kingdom enjoy their half-term vacations in the month of February, it must be an amazing chance to introduce your kids to the worship of Umrah, and all the religious benefits linked with the minor pilgrimage. We have designed a variety of February Umrah package to facilitate you make your travel to the city of Makkah with your kids for the most recommended worship.

Easter Holidays

At this time, the school-going children in the United Kingdom get more than a week of vacation holidays, and also their parents can enjoy some time off from their jobs. This time is also a blessing for Muslims of the UK to make their travel to the house of Allah either individually or with their family. With our packages, you can also trip the other Islamic places of significance in and around the town while your stay in Makkah and Madinah.

Places of Importance around Makkah
1. Ghar-e-Hira

Ghar-e-Hira is situated at a distance of 3 kilometers from the city of Makah in the Hejaz area, this cave is on top of the Jabal al-Nour Mountain. It is predictable that about 5,000 persons explore this site in the Hajj period, while it is the spot where the primary revelation of the holy book Quran was made to our last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by archangel Jibreel (A.S).

2. Ghar al-Thawr

This cave situated on the Jabal Thawr Mountain in the inferior part of the city Makah, this is a site where our last beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu Bakr took protection from the Quraish family in the migration to the city of Madina. When the Quraish came into the cave, they all saw a spider net extend all over the cave and birds’ nests close to it. While seeing this entire scene, they think that it was not possible for anybody to be inside this place and moved on. When you booking your Umrah packages with us, you can explore this cave at your own expediency from the accommodation where you stay.

3. Jannat al-Mu’alla

To the north side of Al-Haram is this graveyard where lots of the relatives of the last Prophet (PBUH) were buried. Your visit to this spot is made peaceful with accommodation in a comfortable hotel next to the blessed Mosque given with our holy deals.

4. Masjid-e-Nimra

Masjid-e-Nimra is situated in Arafat, this beautiful Mosque reminds the Muslims of the day when the last Prophet (PBUH) sent the last historic lecture to the Muslims who had to go along with him for Hajj. Each year, on the 9th of Dhu-al-Hijjah, pilgrims come here from Mina for the most vital part of the pilgrimage and the Zuhar and Asar prayers are performed together. You can book easily any of our deals that facilitate you to enjoy a complete stay in Makah to survey this site.

5. Makkah Gate

Makah Gate is another famous place for a visit in Makah, which is as well recognized as the Quran Gate. It is situated on the Makah al-Mukarramah road of the city Jeddah-Makah Highway. This gate is the doorway to the sacred city of Makah and points out the boundary of the place where the entrance of non-Muslims is banned. The entire structure of this gate has diverse patterns of decorations, which get illuminated at nighttime. You can search through our collection of holy packages and select a suitable one that would allow you to discover this attraction.

6. Makkah Museum

Makkah Museum was reputable in Makkah’s Al-Zahir Palace and has a complete area of 3,425 square meters. The museum brightly details of the history of Makah. Now, this museum has been made admired as the Makah Museum for Heritage and Antiquities. You can select any of our Umrah packages that provide you with a great amount of time to visit this museum.