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October 2020- Grand Tour Of Istanbul

  • Date: 25-10-2020 Rtn 31-10-2020
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Istanbul Tour Package 2020

  • Date: 24-09-2020 Rtn 29-09-2020
  • Package Cost-  £349
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Turkey Tour


Haramayn Tours is your trusted companion along the Turkey tour. Listing the top touristic destinations in the world, Turkey stands amongst the most sought-after spots. It is no surprise given the country’s amazing natural landscapes and pristine coastline which never cease to bewitch travelers from all over the globe. Haramayn Tours is a UK based Travel agency with extensive experience in the travel domain. We organize trips to the hottest attractions and most beautiful places such as Turkey. We offer a set of Tour packages that will definitely match your needs and budget, as well as being comprehensive of exclusive services and last minute deals that the clients can simply access by visiting our online platform and selecting their favorite Turkey tour package.

Turkey makes the perfect escape for a break from everyday stress; it offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the rich natural beauty and golden beaches. Each city in the country has something to presents to its visitors, from Istanbul, Ankara, to the Anatolian region; there’s plenty to discover and numerous activities to do, not to mention the flavorful cuisine of the beautiful country. In addition to that, Turkey is the go-to destination for History enthusiasts; holding some of the best Historical sites in the world such as The ancient city of Dara, The Titus Tunnel, and the infamous Ephesus Archaeological Site. Given its strategic location through history, major empires such as the Romans, the Greeks, and Ottomans, have left their traces within Turkey making it a historically rich and culturally diverse.


– Take a swim in the mesmerizing Pamukkale natural pool situated in Denizli Province, Turkey
The word Pamukkale means “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a natural site located in southwestern Turkey. It consists of several pools full forming originally from underground hot springs that contain minerals that are thought to possess healing properties.

– ascend over Cappadocia’s mystifying peaks on an early hot-air balloon ride. Enjoy the sunrise scenery over Cappadocia’s gorgeous valleys and the view of an indescribable natural landscape. 

– embark on an unforgettable paragliding ride from the heights of Babadağ Mountain near Fethiye, in Muğla Province, southwest Turkey. The mountain summit reaches an elevation of almost 2000ms providing a peerless bird’s eye view and making it a suitable spot for parachute adventurers.

– discover the depths of the untouched coastline on a scuba diving journey:
Water sports, jet skiing, and Scuba diving lovers will be thrilled at the diverse scuba diving spots in Turkey, among which we list:

  • The Canyon is located off the coast of the Kas region.
  • Marmaris region is among the top destinations; its crystal clear water and sunny atmosphere make it a perfect scuba diving spot.
  • Bodrum region 

– Visiting the Yedigöller National Park in Bolu is a great way to enjoy the stunning scenes of vibrant colorful trees and the sound of water streams through the place.

– The Emirgan Park ( in Turkish: Emirgan Korusu): one of the largest public parks and a unique historical urban park located in Istanbul, Turkey.

–         The Butterfly Valley, an incomparable natural resort, surrounded by the beach, beautiful hills, and local villages. Discover the marvelous canyon with many hidden waterfalls to be captured on camera for unforgettable memories.

–         Antalya Waterfalls:

Waterfall fanatics can enjoy the opportunity of discovering baffling waterfalls in Antalya. Starting with the 40 meters upper Duden Waterfall nearby Lara Beach, you can view the area on a boat ride. Continue on a short inland drive towards the Lower Duden waterfalls, water falling from a 20 meters height. Kursunlu and Managvatwaterfalls 

are also of exceptional beauty and bewitch tourists with their atmosphere.

– Visit museums: 

  • Hagia Sophia Museum: known to be one of a kind museum, constructed in 537 as a greek orthodox church and has recently been turned into a mosque. The monument consists of one of the greatest architectural places on Earth.
  • Antalya Museum: situated in Konyaaltı, Antalya, this archeological museum is one of the largest museums in Turkey with 13 exhibition halls, over 5000 works of art, and an open-air gallery.
  • The Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum is located in the Fatih district of Istanbul, Turkey. Constructed in the early 16th century, it includes a collection of interesting artifacts dating back from the 8th to the 19th century.

– Sahaflar Carsisi: Among all touristic spots in Turkey, these Book lovers can perfectly indulge their passion in the Sahaflar Carsisi, a famous second-hand book bazaar and one of the oldest markets of Istanbul. It is open throughout the week, except on Sundays.

– Horseback Riding in Belek: explore the hills of the Taurus Mountains among impressive vistas and ride magnificent Arabic horses through the forest ruins.

– Trekking experience:

– İçmeler is a well-known vacation resort sited 8 km away from Marmaris. The town is encircled on three sides by beautiful pine forests. Visitors can enjoy relaxing on the golden sand, or a jet ski ride, scuba diving, water skiing, and other types of water sports as well as fishing activities. Admire the landscape from a parasail high in the sky.

– Exploring the countless food options: Turkey is a culturally diverse country with many ethnicities, religions, and cultural backgrounds coexisting peacefully and the Turkish gastronomy is also a great example of the blend of flavors and different cuisines belonging to various cultures. From traditional dishes, sweet mouthwatering dessert to delicious street food options, the cuisine in Turkey is a must-try. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of delicious traditional dishes such as the Shorba soup, Hunkar Begendi, or the cheese Borek and Kebab while seafood lovers will take pleasure in the Hamsi dish, not to mention the amazing limitless options of dessert-like Kunafa and Bambusa.

 With Haramayn Tours, we will be happy to be your companion on a trip to discover all the aspects of turkey and explore everything it has to offer from the natural richness and cultural diversity. Our company is well aware of the importance of a neatly planned trip and that is why we possess a team of travel experts who work hard to get the best deals on Turkey Tour packages. We ensure that every element of the trip is well thought and organized; e-visa services, cheap flight tickets, transfer services, luxurious hotels, and excursions. Everything the travel might need, we got it figured out! Our creative platform was built to cover all travel essentials step by step without any time or money wasted. Including a selection of meticulously tailored Turkey Tour packages that are fully customizable with top quality services at the cheapest rates.

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