Start your sacred journey with the finest Umrah packages 2020

Umrah is one of the vital virtuous deeds and also a Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH). It can be performed at any time throughout all Islamic months apart from Safar, Muharram and the days of Hajj. The most valuable and virtuous act is in the month of Ramadan in which you obtain the countless reward of this act equal to Hajj. All Muslim brothers and sisters living in the UK travel to Makah and Madina at any time by booking reliable deals of Umrah Packages 2020 offered by Haramayn Tours. You can make your travel reservations at any time you want with us for any Islamic month you wish to journey. It’s not only about getting the best package on the suitable timings and dates. Top-quality services and convenient travel matters a lot and that’s what Haramayn is best for.

Most suggested deed in Islam for Muslims

The act Umrah is generally recognized as the minor pilgrimage. It can be performed by the Muslims at any time during the year. Muslims from all over the world visit the holiest cities of Makah and Madina and must perform the worship of Umrah in Allah’s house known as the Kabah. It is a shorter pilgrimage that isn’t obligatory to every Muslim but is a very much recommended act by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Must perform it this significant act, it is virtuous. As a Muslim community, it is the most required duty for us to perform the Sunnah of our prophet. Because this is greatly Sunnah of our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which is why every year thousands of Muslim peoples from all corners of the world travelling to the Makah and Madina in order to perform the beautiful Sunnah.

Best deals for Umrah for Residents of United Kingdom

Every Muslim has a dream of visiting the Holy cities of Makah and Madina once in the duration of their life. In order to help the Muslim community of the UK, Haramayn Tours has compiled a plan of deals for Hajj & Umrah. At here, our plan is to offer you the best Umrah packages 2020 deals; therefore, you can easily fulfil your holy goal of performing the minor Pilgrimage act. We have a broad range of pilgrimage deals for the year 2019 that are intended according to your every requirement and need. We deliver all our services in the United Kingdom but we offer all our holy services to all the Muslims of the UK.  A number of deals we offer to our customers. All-inclusive package deal deals for Singles, Family packages deals, special deals for Couples,  Easter Umrah package deals, Ramadan Package deals, Tailor-made packages, 3-star packages deals, 4-star Packages deals, and 5-star deals. You can easily book from the Birmingham United Kingdom. All our services are available 24/7 and we suggest you the most affordable and the cheapest deals in the United Kingdom.

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