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17 Days-Shifting 5* Hajj Package 2020

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  • 2-Sharing-TBC

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21 Days-Shifting 5* Hajj Package 2020

  • Flights: TBC
  • 4-Sharing- TBC
  • 3-Sharing- TBC
  • 2-Sharing- TBC

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27 Days-Shifting 5* Hajj Package 2020

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Hajj Packages 2020

There are plenty of travel agencies around the world that manage Muslims’ Hajj trips by providing many Hajj packages. Among these parties taking charge of such a mission, Haramayn Tours has been a part of this blessed industry with long and rich experience in serving agents and designing packages in order to provide services for the zealous Muslims on this life-changing the divine trip. At Haramayn Tours, we are honored to have been able to facilitate the trip to the holy cities of plenty of Muslims, whether it is Hajj or Umrah.

We take pride in facilitating the trip of Muslims for the spiritual mission and provide them with the most suitable packages to visit the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. Our well-experienced travel team works hard to ensure customer satisfaction with the ultimate goal of serving you with the best services. Serve your clients with high-quality services and efficiency to meet your requirements while taking into consideration your customers’ budgets for Hajj trips of 2020. What is special about us is that we give the possibility of personalizing your requirements by giving plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation. Our 2020 Hajj packages include hotels of all types and ranges, starting from 3 to 5-star hotels. Haramayn Tours believes in diversity, and accounting for different needs and budgets is a key to best customer satisfaction.

Why Choose 5-Star Hajj Packages 2020 by Haramayn Tours

You are planning to go for Hajj this year and search for a reasonable package then you should try 5-Star Hajj Packages offered by Haramayn Tours. There are many agencies and companies that are offering this but why we are writing this article for Haramayn tours. This might be your concern so only referring to them because we need you to be benefitted during your journey to the Holy Land. Now come to the main point, why to choose Haramayn Tours for your Hajj. To answer this first of all we should share a brief introduction to the company.

Timings to Perform Hajj:

Hajj cannot be performed at any time of the year but you can perform in the specific dates of Dhul-Hajj the last month of the Islamic calendar. For this, you can avail of any 5 Star Hajj Packages to stay in Makkah during Hajj. Hajj is performed from 8th to 12th of Dhul-Hajj. The dates according to the Gregorian calendar are subjected to the lunar calendar. So, you must be very careful about the dates if you have made up your mind to perform Hajj this year.

Start Your Spiritual Journey of Hajj with Top Rated Agency:

Although performing Hajj is not an easy task physically and mentally but if you have arranged a 5-Star accommodation to stay in Makkah and Madina then it becomes very easy. We offer the best opportunity to perform Hajj at affordable rates. The state of the art facilities offered to the pilgrims makes it luxurious to perform Hajj. The top rated 5-Star hotels in Makkah and Madina offers accommodation for the Pilgrims. We provide what we promise.  

An Affordable Hajj Package for All:

The Package is affordable for all income groups, therefore, anyone can apply to seek the benefits of the package. The Hajj Package is economical for multiple reasons likewise it is available at low cost and it offers 5-Star treatment in a luxury hotel. The other thing that highlights this particular Hajj Packages is that it provides the visit to sacred places with experienced and professional guides. Due to all these features, the package is a success for the company and luxury for its customers. The qualities of the package make it a hot favorite by the customers. Therefore, we urge you to choose the package in your first intention.

Your Hajj visa is included in the package. The package is offered in different formats in terms of dates on the calendar. We provide you Hajj offer in different date range i-e; 17 days, 21 days and 27 days as well. So, you can make your choice. You can also pay the amount in installments. This is absolutely a convenient way to pay.

Accommodation Near Haram:

Makkah receives a high wave of heat every year and normally it does not rain in the days of Hajj. Therefore, it becomes very much difficult for everyone to reach Haram with ease on a bright sunny day. The accommodation provided to pilgrims by Haramayn Tours is always preferred to be nearby Haram. These luxurious and near to Haram accommodations make your Hajj very easy and comfortable. This treatment is provided because we care for you. We provide you maximum possible care to make you able to perform your Hajj and its rituals with ease.    

Hajj According to Islamic Sharia:

Islamic teachings have laid great importance to Hajj. In the Quran, there is a chapter named Al-Hajj. This is showing the importance of Hajj in Islamic teachings. Hajj is not a ritual but it is actually the annual congregation of Muslims to discuss the burning issues that they are facing. In the books of Hadiths Hajj has been given great importance.

The Hajj has been divided into certain rites which must be observed for the performance of Hajj. Hajj cannot be considered complete without performing those rituals and the blessings of Hajj cannot be earned. Assuming Ihram, Performing Tawaf of Ka’aba, Sa’ee between Safa and Marwa, Stay in Mina, Stay for the whole day in Arafat, Stay in Muzdilfah, Ramy Al-Jamarat, Animal Sacrifice, and Hair Removal.

Economical Hajj Deals to Benefit All:

We offer price effective Hajj deals to benefit all Muslims living in the UK. Actually, we believe that Hajj which has enormous benefits in terms of forgiveness and blessings of Allah Almighty must be performed by all. The Hajj deals provided by us hold everything that makes it economical and useful. The better thing is that the Hajj Packages can be availed in installments as well. You can contact us or fill-up the form available on our website and one of the active members of our support staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Luxurious Services are in everyone’s Range:

We prefer to take everyone with us. As the message of the Hajj is that all the Muslims are one nation, therefore, we need everyone to take with us to enjoy luxurious services during Hajj. We believe to facilitate our clients with top-notch and versatile facilities at Hajj. Hajj is a great opportunity to explore Makkah and Madina for lots of Muslims. You can do so by availing our supreme and luxurious services.

The Best Hajj Packages in the UK:

Our 5-Star Hajj Packages are termed as the best Hajj Packages by our customers. Haramayn Tours offer the state of the art and competitive Hajj package. The package is affordable and luxurious as it offers comfortable accommodation at every venue of Hajj and transfers within Saudi Arabia. So, you can sleep tight after booking the package and be independent of the tensions of traveling and accommodation in the Holy Land of Hijaz.  

We Make Long Winning Partnerships with our Clients and Customers:

Our partnership with you is not limited to provide Hajj packages 2020 for one time only. We actually believe in offering quality services for all customers so that they would come to us time and again to enjoy our robust and matchless services. This boosts our confidence and helps us to serve you without any break.

It is our passion to design the best Hajj packages to serve our agents in the most suitable ways.

3-star Hajj Packages 2020: Economy deals

Pilgrims who have the intention of a trip with the whole family may be limited by budget. With Haramayn Tours, you get cheap offers designed specifically to serve the needs of those planning for a whole family trip. It is highly recommended to book early in these cases, as low-cost flights and decent shared rooms are more available earlier. It also ensures quality service for a comfortable stay. All our efforts are aimed to provide the best experience so you get in the most spiritual atmosphere of Tawaf around the Kaaba, along with the other rituals such as the slaughtering rite at Mina.

It is unbeatable that the idea of comfort is known to vary from one pilgrim to another. Therefore, we can overcome this by providing various packages including a 15-day Hajj package, a 20-day Hajj package, and a 24-day Hajj package, and it will not compromise your quality service by any means. Having the authorization of the Ministry of Hajj, you can earn the reputation of being the most reliable travel operator locally or even internationally. Therefore, affordability and accounting for a different budget is of paramount importance for our company when designing packages.

4-Star Hajj package: Cost-effective

Providing packages that combine comfort and affordability has never been easy as succeeding in such a task asks for a rich experience and deep knowledge concerning the needs and budget limitations of different customers. Haramayn Tours offers a unique service for maximum comfort during Hajj trips. Our team designs Hajj packages for a large number of Muslims of different needs and expectations. With a long and prosperous experience in the field, Haramayn Tours has established strong connections that enable better negotiations with travel operators in Makkah and Madina for hotel and accommodation. As a result, you end up finding the best combination for your needs and requirements. Carefully selected hotels offer a pleasant stay that guarantees price accuracy and affordability with a 4-star hotel near Al-Haram and Al-Masjid al-nabawi. Reservation dates can start with a 17-days Hajj Package, a 21-day Hajj Package, and up to a 27-day Hajj Package.

5-Star Hajj Packages: A Luxurious experience.

Haramayn Tours believes in taking advantage of the chance to provide the most luxurious services to our valuable customers. And it is a mission that it has been delivering for years. With a focus on basic and thorough details, we have created a 5-star Hajj package for 2020 to provide the best services for people having the desire for such a luxurious trip. In order to customize Hajj offers and deals, we encourage you to contact one of our experts and provide all the details regarding your requirements and concerns. To avoid expensive plane tickets and overbooked accommodation, it is recommended that you make a thorough investigation as soon as possible and then book a hajj package. Book your stay in different hotels according to your budget and provide the best services for your clients to establish your business as a reliable and suitable one.

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