Different deals of Hajj Packages 2020 for your spiritual journey

Haramayn Tours is one of the best and trusted names for the Hajj Pilgrims. We have the amazing Hajj package’s incomplete journey, particularly in Hajj days. Our team assures you each pilgrim is treated with sky-scraping honor and served as the guest of Allah Almighty. We will provide you the luxury accommodations and best travel plan. We need your satisfaction as our reward. Your satisfaction is our first priority. For the Hajj of 2020, we want to offer you the 17 days Hajj package, 21 days Hajj Package and 27 days Hajj Package with the 5-star accommodations and facilities. We are offering different types of packages for the comfort and ease of the pilgrim for their comfort incomplete journey. We will you from the booking to arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Hajj package with facilities

We have 5-star accommodation for you in Makah and the facility of transport. Residence in Makah is a fully furnished and clean environment for the pilgrims. Haramayn Tours known as the best agency that provides the facilities in Saudi Arabia for the Pilgrims of the United Kingdom. We have experience of many years. Highly thankful to Allah who makes us successful to provide you the amazing offers. We are also thankful to all over clients for the trust us, clients who like our services.

We have designed the Hajj Packages 2020 at the feedback and on through the different suggestions of our clients. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and performed by Muslims who are able financially and physically. The performance of Hajj is compulsory at least once in the whole life. That is the chance to clean your sins and again start of fresh life as a newborn baby. Woman wearing hijab on her head and man wearing the Ihram for the Hajj.

Importance of Hajj:

Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) performed Hajj once in his life and Muslims follow these sets and start performing this act at the last of the year. Hajj is the way to obtain the blessings of Allah. Muslims just follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Even in tough physical challenges during Hajj mostly people rely on mini cans and carry on the walking on the routes. Peoples who want to go for Hajj but cant offered by financially they are facilitated by the community leaders or charities.  Many people save their money for a long time to perform Hajj once in life. Many people walk hundreds or thousands of miles toward Saudi Arabia. Walk taking many months to arrive in Makkah.

We just want to help the citizens of the United Kingdom to perform the Fariza of Hajj in Saudi Arabia. Muslims sacrifice the animals in remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim who obeys the order of Allah. Through our Hajj packages 2020, we will make your journey memorable.  We will provide you the best facilities for your comfort. You can perform your prayers easily.

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